Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Unexplored Brighton of India

India is the mystical land that has been referred as the most vibrant
country in the world. Whenever I plan for vacations my preference revolves
around the unexplored options yet to be treaded and exploited by humans.
While I was
in Mumbai, I got a chance to fulfill this prolonged wish of mine. Through
the natives of the outskirts of the city, I got to know about the place
called Karjat, laden with everything 'that dreams are made up of'.

Vast acres of luxuriant green paddy fields swaying in the gentle breeze
against the panoramic backdrop of the Bhor ghats greeted me while
transversing the river Ulhas. I could feel that this remote destination in
Maharashtra have everything that a nature
lover can seek above imaginations the magnificent views of splendid
greens, dazzling waterfalls manifestation of a milky falls and the most
shimmering rivulets
streaming down the hill slopes trespassing the vibrant greens blossoming
with numerous flowerets Ah what a sight! The eyes have not seen a charisma
like this before.
To add more to my taste is the adventure cocktail and the various trekking
I choose the one that lead to the most beautiful
hills of Matheran via Vavarle village and Rambagh point. Initially this climb
was quiet gentle and comfortable but lateron the inclination increased
drastically lasting for three good hours that almost took my breath out.

My another trail was the seven-hour trekking route to Bhimashankar.
Starting from a small village Khandas about 15 kms from Kajrat, this
climb was long and steep. I along with two local guys who accompanied me in
a courtesy of guiding the route covered the distance in almost 4 hours. In
between we halted at Padar fort and then at Koli village to restore our
energy. The villagers were too humble to offer us fresh coconut milk and
fried banana chips. The sky elevated outgrowth and thickly populated
vegetation provided welcoming
shades that increased our halts too. My local friends bid me goodbye and I
was on my track again. Bhimashankar is a revered pilgrim destination, after
climbing a hill I could reach the 'Nagphani' - shaped like a head of the
cobra, quite spectacular. After
indulging into a short trek from Kondana village, I came upon the rock cut
Kondana caves with Buddhist embodiments, definitely it was worth a climb.

My monsoon experience of river Ulhas was beyond comparison. The turbulent
gushing of the waters enhanced the thrill of rafting as well as canoeing.
I really found that
various adventure options and the proximity from Mumbai, has made
Karjat a popular weekend gateway specially for those who want to enjoy
nature at its best.


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