Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Digha Beach - Widest Beach In The world

Everybody talks so much about the Marina Beach, the second longest beach in the world that many equally beautiful and deserving destinations are ignored. There are many first in the world on the face of India that get lost in oblivion due to their low reachability. On my trip to Kolkata, I came to know about a magnificent spot that still is far from being world famous or even India famous. cannot call Digha beach a one day excursion from Kolkata as I had to keep aside two days for visiting this place. And that makes it a perfect weekend getaway option. It is nearly 187 Km from Kolkata but it is worth every single moment you spend to reach here.

The beach is surely among the quietest beaches which is pleasing to all senses. Digha beach is one of the very few where you can drive your own car on the shoreline. And it was from a local that I also learned that this is the widest beach in the world. Then why isn't this beach more famous than Marina Beach or even recognized???? Digha is surely more cleaner, calm, uncluttered, and beautiful than the Marina.

I went there all alone so I didn't have much to do, just lie around and sunbath. There were few groups who were enjoying beach volleyball, some were taking a horse ride, and few families were splashing around in the water. The shoreline is surely firm as the water here is quite clear and perfect for swimming. And how could you not find couples in such a romantic setting.

The beach is not completely isolated and there are few staying option near to the beach. There is a Digha Tourist Lodge (I stayed here and it was good) run by WBTDC and there are few private accommodations as well.

A near perfect weekend spot for everyone.

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