Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Clay of Art

It has slowly become one of the best gifts that can be presented. Not only is it easy on the pocket of the presenter, the receiver is equally happy. Terracotta items are one of the most loved gift items around. They are absolutely beautiful to look at and are very long lasting. These glazed terracotta items are made from earth and rate very high on the utility meter.

The use of clay and terracotta has been done from the time since it was known that such things exists. From grand temples like The Temples of Vishnupur to small household items like tea pot and utensils, artists of Bengal have made the full use of terracotta and clay. Few years back, the use of it had drastically fallen as there were not many takers for it and it no longer remained a profitable venture for the artists. But after some time, its absence started pinching the real art lovers and soon there was again demand for it.

The rich alluvial clay which is the raw material for this art work comes from the banks of River Ganga. It is perfectly purified and moistened by nature itself. After it is extracted, it is treated with special chemicals to turn it into superior quality ceramic clay. This clay then passes through several stages of being filled in a kiln at various temperatures. In between, it is glazed, treated with chemicals and colours and shaped into different shapes. What makes the products special is that the chemicals and colours used are tested at the Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, and certified as harmless. The high temperature firing also makes the household products safe for use in microwave. The range of products includes tea and coffee sets, mugs, soup and sauce bowls, dinner sets, planters, vases, room decor and the list goes on and on....

So go on and invite your friends over for a drink and serve them beer in these beautiful work of arts. Not only will this show your concerns towards earth but will also be a nice style statement. And the best thing is that they can be bought in mostly all regions of India.


L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Indeed they are beautiful. Do you have any thoughts on how we can pay the artisans more and reduce the share of the middle man?

workhard said...

Yes.. this one looks pretty on the walls to and makes an exceptional gift..

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